Tech Trends In 2019 And Beyond

We never been in any other time period of such fast innovative changes. Obviously, much more is coming. This previous fall, Gartner research anticipated some of the tech trends of 2018 and past, and it was a significant abundance: The rise of man-made brainpower and cloud based computing, new advancements in the web of things, conversational stages and different territories made the final list.

The majority of that and more is in progress, however I see a couple of advances coming in 2019 that can be genuinely transformative of the commercial center and personal tech.

1. Blockchain Security And Protection

With the never ending prevelance of information hacking and the hugely interconnected world we live in, better solutions for checking identifies and ensure protection will be necessary. Blockchain is a big part of this because it’s purpose is to provide vigorous and scrambled record keeping. Organizations like Apple are already developing this kind of technology.

2. Dueling AI’s

It’s a straightforward thought: Need to make your AI more intelligent? Have it fight it out with another AI! For this situation, the field is digital pictures: One AI makes a picture, and another AI chooses whether the picture is genuine or fake.

3. 3D Metal Printing

3D printing is a good example how incremental advancements can be progressive. We always had printers and parts manufacturing, however in recent years plastic 3D printing has been taken to the mass market. Presently, 3D metal printing is ready to be the next huge wave in this industry.

4. Electrical Personal Transportation

We already seen eScooters and eBikes taking over our streets. Now it’s also time for the electrical skateboard to make it’s entry into the big league. I predict that 2019 will be the big year for the electrical skateboard. Currently companies such as Boosted is well positioned to be a market leader.

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